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Is Your Home Being Inhabited By a Skunk Family?

At Absolute Wildlife Removal, our skunk removal service calls spike in January and February when skunks are mating and females are searching for a warm, safe, dry place to have their litters. The crawlspace under your home is a tempting area for skunks to inhabit. The baby skunks won’t be born until April, May, or June, but the female skunk will continue to use the crawlspace as a den site. Six to eight skunks are typically present.

When you no longer smell skunk odor, that does not mean the skunk has left. Skunks only spray when defending themselves, mating, or when sick or injured, and they may live under your house without the telltale smell.

Raccoon Removal

Let Us Help You Remove All Signs of Pesky Raccoons from Your Home

Raccoons and opossums will often live in the crawlspace under your home. The presence of fleas, foul odors or noises at night are the usual signs that you need our raccoon removal services.

Raccoons will also live in chimneys, and both will inhabit attics. Typically there will be loud noises at night as they leave to feed (8:00 PM to 10:00 PM) and then as they return around 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM. You may notice stains on your ceiling from urine and feces. Raccoons will have 2 to 5 young ones in May or June. Opossums will also give birth at that time and they can have 6 to 8 young opossums, only to add to your misery.

If you are having issues with raccoons or opossums and need our raccoon or opossum removal services, call Absolute Wildlife Removal at 413-562-7907.

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