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Get Thorough Home Inspections to Determine the Presence of Pesky Pests

Trust Us to Handle Any Pest Situation

With 20 years of experience contributing to our knowledge of animal removal, you can rest assured that the professionals at Absolute Wildlife Removal will handle your problem right the first time. There are not many pest situations that we have not seen or cannot solve. We effectively handle bats, beavers, moles, raccoons, rats, snakes, woodchucks, squirrels, birds, chipmunks, and skunks.

Upon your request, we will come out to the property and inspect the area of concern. Once we have assessed what is needed to remove the animals, we proceed with the appropriate and most effective technique, whether removal by hand, trapping, or exclusion.
Contact us today to request our services to eliminate any pest problems you may be experiencing.
Make sure you get an home inspection before you make a costly mistake. Get your wildlife home inspection at Absolute Wildlife Removal before and after the sale. The average home inspector is not qualified to assess a wildlife home inspection.
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From bats to skunks, we offer comprehensive wildlife removal 
services in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut. 
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