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Rely on Us to Identify the Root of the Problem

Here at Absolute Wildlife Removal we quickly identify the root of the problem and remove the animal correctly the first time. We don’t just spray some repellent and hope for the best, nor do we just run in & grab the first animal we see then accidentally leave one behind. Call us for local, experienced, professional wildlife animal removal.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons and opossums will often live in the crawlspace under your home. The presence of fleas, foul odors or noises at night are the usual signs that you need our raccoon removal services.

Raccoons will also live in chimneys, and both will inhabit attics. Typically there will be loud noises at night as they leave to feed (8:00 PM to 10:00 PM) and then as they return around 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM. You may notice stains on your ceiling from urine and feces. Raccoons will have 2 to 5 young ones in May or June. Opossums will also give birth at that time and they can have 6 to 8 young opossums, only to add to your misery.

If you are having issues with raccoons or opossums and need our raccoon or opossum removal services, call Absolute Wildlife Removal at 413-562-7907.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels have 2 litters per year, typically in February or March, and then again in August or September. The spring litter consists of 4 to 6 young ones while the fall litter is normally 3 to 5. Squirrels, who are known for their chewing prowess, will search for entry points into the attic of your home or create an entry point by chewing through the edge of your roof line (just above the gutter, but under the shingles). They will also enter attics and soffits by chewing at joints in the wood siding or by chewing through gable vents, eaves and roof vent screening.

Once in your attic, squirrels, a member of the rodent family, will chew on wiring or wood framing, and will compress the insulation in your attic. Besides the possible fire hazard, and odor involved with squirrel feces and urine, squirrels over time will significantly reduce the R rating of the insulation in your attic.

When you call Absolute Wildlife Removal we will identify the squirrel entry points, install cage traps over those openings, and quickly capture the squirrel or squirrels causing the problem. We will also offer you an estimate to repair the squirrel entry points to prevent future animals from accessing your attic. Our repairs consist of only the strongest squirrel proof materials!

Rodent Removal

Our professionals can help you with removal of pesky rodents, such as, chipmunks, rats and mice. We offer yearly, monthly, bi-monthly maintenance service programs.
We specialize in mouse removal. We strategically place traps speed up the removal process to maximize effectiveness. No poisons are used inside the house to ensure safety of your family and pets, and also preventing the rodents from dying inside walls, structures, etc., along with foul odors. “An animal in hand is better than one in the wall”.
Bat Removal

Bat Removal

Absolute Wildlife Removal specializes in the removal and exclusion of bats and bat colonies from residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties. All of our bat removal techniques are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe to ensure that only humane bat control is practiced. Under no circumstance are poisons or chemicals ever used or needed to properly remove a bat or bat colony.

Bats have an important role in the ecosystem and should never be injured or killed. A single brown bat can consume up to 1,000 mosquitoes or insects in one hour. Our wildlife technicians are highly trained and detail-oriented to ensure that we discover and seal all access points. Failure to properly seal even a quarter-inch gap can result in an incomplete bat removal and exclusion process.

Skunk Removal

At Absolute Wildlife Removal, our skunk removal service calls spike in January and February when skunks are mating and females are searching for a warm, safe, dry place to have their litters. The crawlspace under your home is a tempting area for skunks to inhabit. The baby skunks won’t be born until April, May, or June, but the female skunk will continue to use the crawlspace as a den site. Six to eight skunks are typically present.

When you no longer smell skunk odor, that does not mean the skunk has left. Skunks only spray when defending themselves, mating, or when sick or injured, and they may live under your house without the telltale smell.


Deer Removal

Save your landscaping with our deer-proofing services! This typically involves fencing and repelling, and even includes free removal during season.

Other Wildlife Removal

We remove other wildlife, such as woodchucks, beavers, moles, voles, snakes, coyotes and honey badgers!
Woodchuck season runs from April 1 to November 1 every year. They burrow, collapse structures, and cause water damage in and around foundations, porches, crawlspaces, gardens, sheds, pool liners, and more.
Beavers are year-round animals that cause damage and flooding in and around septic systems, roadways, yards and fields. Handled by permit, available at your local health department.
Voles cause damage to your beautiful landscapes, gardens, and plantings by chewing their root systems.

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Depend on us for wildlife and pest prevention as well as full-scale repairs for animal-related damages.
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