Wildlife & Pest Repair

Full-Scale Repairs for Property Damage Caused by Wildlife and Pests 

A Licensed and Insured Company to Take Care of All Kinds of Animal-Related Damage

After removing the animal and preventing the problem from happening again, hopefully you don’t have much damage to your home. Some animals damage your property more than others, ranging from just replacing some insulation, soffit repair, or chimney cap replacement- all the way up to roof and siding damage. Absolute Wildlife Removal performs all types of animal-related repairs, all licensed and insured with a guarantee on most products and services!

Chimney Caps

High-Quality Chimney Caps 

Have you ever awoken and found that there was a squirrel sleeping in your favorite chair? Or the last time it rained, your living room fireplace was drowned by water? You probably need to fix or reinstall your chimney cap. There are many different kinds of these accessories, but it all boils down to a trio of specific types. The design may change, but you’ll likely encounter only one of these three to keep undesirables from tumbling down the chimney.
A single flue cap is installed when the actual chimney flue is taller than the chimney. Crown mounted caps are for flues that are flush with the top of the chimney. They can also be employed when there is more than one flue. Lastly, the inside mount cap will be found on a square or round chimney flue.

Are you sure you want to crawl up on a ladder and tempt your insurance policy like the Mayhem guy? Chimney cap work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Soffits and Trim Boards

  • Wildlife and water damage
  • Complete or partial rebuilds
  • Prevent bugs and wildlife from coming back in

Fecal Removal

Count on us to remove and clean the feces of bats, raccoons and squirrels. Did you know that the excrement of these animals can cause respiratory ailments for human beings and pets? That's not all. It also attracts flies, bugs and other insects, creating an unhealthy atmosphere for you and your family.
*Raccoon Damage - Fell Through 
Damaged Roof


Constant squirrel traffic damages the loft of and lessens the R value in your insulation causing less effective insulation against the heat and cold in your home. Rely on us to repair roof flashings, decks, porches, sheds and more, We can handle almost any damage related to animals.
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Is your home infested with rats? You'll be happy to know that we offer yearly, monthly, bi-monthly maintenance service programs for rodent removal.
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