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Count on Us to Remove Bat and Bird Colonies in an Environmentally-Friendly and Safe Manner

Absolute Wildlife Removal specializes in the removal and exclusion of bats and bat colonies from residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. All of our bat removal techniques are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe to ensure that only humane bat control is practiced. Under no circumstance are poisons or chemicals ever used or needed to properly remove a bat or bat colony.

Bats have an important role in the ecosystem and should never be injured or killed. A single brown bat can consume up to 1,000 mosquitoes or insects in one hour.

Our wildlife technicians are highly trained and detail-oriented to ensure that we discover and seal all access points. Failure to properly seal even a quarter-inch gap can result in an incomplete bat removal and exclusion process.

Check Out Our Bat Removal Process

  • At the beginning of the bat removal process, we present you with a complete description of our services including costs and warranty lengths. We then proceed to do the following:
  • Conduct a thorough site inspection to identify all entry points
  • Approximate the population level
  • Install one-way exclusionary doors at all entry points
  • Seal all secondary entryways
  • Remove all one-way exclusionary doors and seal areas once all bats are out
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Our licensed and insured specialists are committed to giving you quality service. We provide a one-year guarantee on all of our interior animal removals.
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